This website is about my recently published book "A Change in Fashion" and also a little about me.


If you're interested in having a look at the pages on this web-site, you'll find out something about me, and how I came to write my book and get it published.


I've also included some personal information about my home, my family and my interests to give you more idea what sort of person I am. Then , if you like, you can judge for yourself how much of me has gone into my novel!


Perhaps you have thought of writing a book yourself or have even started one? In that case you might like to have a look at the page about how I write.


And of course, it is important to me that this web-site is interactive, so on the Guestbook page I'd like to hear from you! Maybe you'd like to post a comment on my book or ask me a question about my work or about writing in general. Whatever the reason, I look forward to hearing from you.



Buy the book online

You can buy my book at most bookshops, at amazon.co.ukamazon.com  or amazon.de as well as at bookdepository.com in hardback, paperback or Kindle version.

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