My Interests

Apart from writing, my main interest is Lily, my black Labrador dog. She's three years old now and walking her in the forests near our home takes at least two hours every day. Life has become more relaxed since Lily has grasped the fact that it is I who is taking her out for a walk (not the other way around) and that she just can't disappear every time she picks up an interesting scent. Actually she's pretty obiedient now and we have trained to be a dog-therapy team and are now qualified to go into old people's homes, schools, psychiatric clinics or any other places where dogs can have a therapeutic, beneficial effect. Lily and I regularly visit an old people's home now.


My other interests are reading (of course!) - I like novels by women writers like Anita Shreve - and learning foreign languages. I studied French and I learned German by living and working here, but I am now trying to pick up Spanish, too. I can understand quite a bit but speaking it is still quite a problem! My son-in-law comes from Argentina and my two little grandchildren both speak English, German and Spanish.


 My other interests fortunately coincide with things I have to do, like gardening, cooking and - I'm putting them last though they really come first! - being with my beautiful grandchildren who live in Bavaria whenever I can.

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