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The snowy garden of our house in winter

Our home lies just outside Hamburg, in a village surrounded by forests.


Hamburg is in the North of Germany, and many people who don't know it think that it must be a grimy industrial city, but that's just not the case. There are two beautiful lakes in the city centre and lots of parks and trees. There are lots of canals, too, and it is said that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice. Water plays a big role here - not only because it rains as often as it does in Britain! - but also because Hamburg is one of Germany's most important ports.


Since the days of the Hanseatic League, Hamburg has always been a gateway to the world and perhaps that is what makes its people so open-minded and welcoming, especially towards the British. Hamburg is very Anglophile! There are British shops and pubs, an Anglican church and an English Theatre, and lots of clubs and societies where Germans and English-speaking people of all nationalities meet. There are English bookshops as well, so I hope that I'll be doing a couple of book-readings. I'll keep you posted about when and where they are!

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