Fashion and Me

Here I'm wearing my favourite LBD by Hugo Boss

 I would be cheating if I didn't confess that I love shopping, especially for clothes. I've always been interested in fashion. Some people think that we all wore trendy Mary Quant outfits in the sixties, but they forget that Mary Quant clothes were only sold in London. Even if we had had the money to go there, we would not have been able to afford them, so my friends and I often made our own. I dread to think what we must have looked like, but it was fun. When Biba brought out a catalogue for girls who lived outside London, it was the start of a new era. Today there are  far more opportunities for buying clothes that don't cost the earth with brands like Zara and Mango around. Not to mention all the many online outlets, though going into a shop and touching the clothes is an experience I wouldn't like to miss. 


I like to mix cheaper items with a few very good pieces that I find in the sales. I'm a true bargain-hunter. I'm rather addicted to Karen Millen, though common sense tells me that there's not a lot you can do in a tight pencil skirt and killer heels! I love some German brands like Closed, Strenesse and Boss. If I had lots of money, I'd buy from Jil Sander, and if I were really, really rich - well, it would have to be Chanel by the great German designer, Karl Lagerfeld. What else?


Having said that, I'll be honest with you: I spend 90% of my time in jeans!

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